What this is NOT about:  Saxon as race.  The distinction is intentional in “Saxon” as a system of cultural, legal and social evolution, minus “Anglo”, the racial component.

What this is about:  Unity through individuality;  American Nationalism as the emergence of Individual Sovereignty.  America is still a very relatively young Nation who’s ideological identity is, at best, still in the fetal stage.  We have the words:  freedom, independence, liberty, democracy *and all that*.  But words are like whores to socio-political pimps, wall-street bullies and hypocrites in Washington.

The ideological heritage of American National Identity is a global vocabulary articulated through the syntax of Saxon civilization.  There is a point where who we were becomes who we are, this birth is what is meant by Postmodern.  Postmodernity meaning the awareness of the transition, watching it happen, experiencing it happen, “Becoming as the awareness of its self”.

As our infant American Identity begins to crown from the womb, the worst kinds of Conservatives abort it immediately as the bastard child of unwanted change-  the Anti-Conservatives then prop up the corpse and give it a name and meaning that is completely detached from it was as living thing, and the Conservatives react with endless kamikaze attacks against the little zombie until finally it is forever still.  So goes the perpetual cycle of politics and culture in America.

In conclusion I will say as a warning to intellectual and moral cowards of all stripes, and as a boon to the daring and true:  With each abortion and pimping out of its incarnations, American Identity becomes a little stronger in that fetal stage and it will soon be strong enough to emerge in its real form as Individual Sovereignty to crush its enemies even as they try to abort it and to bury those who attempt to hijack or otherwise pimp it out for their own cause.


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