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Erykah Badu & FA Hayek:This is Postmodern America

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“””””””””At a time when most movements that are thought to be progressive advocate further encroachments on individual liberty, those who cherish freedom are likely to expend their energies in opposition. In this they find themselves much of the time on the same side as those who habitually resist change. In matters of current politics today they generally have little choice but to support the conservative parties. But, though the position I have tried to define is also often described as “conservative,” it is very different from that to which this name has been traditionally attached. There is danger in the confused condition which brings the defenders of liberty and the true conservatives together in common opposition to developments which threaten their ideals equally. It is therefore important to distinguish clearly the position taken here from that which has long been known – perhaps more appropriately – as conservatism……Let me now state what seems to me the decisive objection to any conservatism which deserves to be called such. It is that by its very nature it cannot offer an alternative to the direction in which we are moving. It may succeed by its resistance to current tendencies in slowing down undesirable developments, but, since it does not indicate another direction, it cannot prevent their continuance.””””””””””””””””

FA Hayek  

“””””They who play it safe are quick to assassinate what they do not understand-
They move in packs, ingesting more and more fear with every act of hate on one another they feel more comfortable in groups, less guilt to swallow.
They are us, this is what we have become: afraid to respect the individual.   A single personal event or circumstance can move one to change, to evolve and love themselves.”””””

-Erykah Badu

yes the word that bleeds out of her head at the end of the video is “group think”.

How often do the principles of an old-school “Conservative” such as Hayek exist in such harmony with those of a contemporary “Liberal” such as Badu?  More often than what you’d think because both “conservative” and “liberal” are fabricated terms used to divide us against ourselves through the popular vices of lazy intellectual and moral habit.  Why these seemingly divergent principles are in such actual harmony is because both are fundamentally American-  they both demand that the individual person take account of their humanity as individuals and be bold enough to not be ruled or lead by simple ‘group think’.


Emergence of wonder

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strange to be so moved and inspired by something so simple…..

Courtesy of

Terry Tynan works

Links Update: Humane Agitprop

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The site, “A Human Right” has been online for quite a few years now and is really one of the hidden treasures on the web.

The imagery of the site is stunning, beautiful, and effective.

The Blackbirds are Rough Today

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lonely as a dry and used orchard
spread over the earth
for use and surrender.

shot down like an ex-pug selling
dailies on the corner.

taken by tears like
an aging chorus girl
who has gotten her last check.

a hanky is in order your lord your

the blackbirds are rough today
ingrown toenails
in an overnight
wine wine whine,
the blackbirds run around and
fly around
harping about
Spanish melodies and bones.

and everywhere is
the dream is as bad as
flapjacks and flat tires:

why do we go on
with our minds and
pockets full of
like a bad boy just out of
you tell
you who were a hero in some
you who teach children
you who drink with calmness
you who own large homes
and walk in gardens
you who have killed a man and own a
beautiful wife
you tell me
why I am on fire like old dry

we might surely have some interesting
it will keep the mailman busy.
and the butterflies and ants and bridges and
the rocket-makers and dogs and garage mechanics
will still go on a
until we run out of stamps

don’t be ashamed of
anything; I guess God meant it all
locks on

by Charles Bukowski

from “Betting on the Muse”

Can’t get enough…

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….more art deco

Thank you, Henri Privat-Livemont.

Things do eventually go full circle:

  • famous art deco poster which originally was an advertisement for absinthe>
  • absinthe the morbidish liquor which has been undergoing something of a comeback amongst the peers and emasculated ‘droogs’ of folks such as the wonderful writer Poppy Z Brite (“His Mouth Will Taste of Wormwood“), this peerage and drooghood otherwise known as (pop)goth>
  • (pop)goth finding its own resurgence due to some kind of covert activity of the same primal archetype that C.G. Jung warned about/celebrated in his fantastic essay “Wotan”>
  • Wotan being Odin, Odin being called Woden by the ancient Saxons, this blog being called The PostModern Saxon.

“Secret of the Gothick God” (authored by Stephen Flowers PhD Germanic Studies).

“Wotan” (authored by C.G. Jung, founder of analytical psychology).

Maybe mystical non-sense, but a fun little ride none the less.

God I love the Chrysler building

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…there is a certain kind of art deco that just captures the moment when 2000 years of western cultural evolution was articulated through architecture and industrial design into wide, beautifully curved, symmetrical patterns  of civilization penetrating the dawning, rapidly unfolding future.  “When the chrome was thick and the women straight”, as Michael Savage says.  More on all of this later….