Emergence of Revolution

Scientific-Social-Economic-National, REVOLUTION. A quick and oversimplified summary: The greatest problem of the past hundred and fifty years has been that of the pesky idea of the individual. In science, sociology, economy and government, the macro has not jived with the micro.

In science: The primary problem concerning physicists for quite some time has been reconciling Einsteins General Theory (Big) with Quantum Theory (Small).

In society: Sociologists cannot reconcile “groups” (Big) with the individual(Small), their method of scientific reductionism has proved inadequate to this task.

In Economy: Our quasi Keynesian macro (Big) economic policies fail to address the unpredictable behavior of the basic economic unit- the human individual (Small).

National: America is in the midst of an identity crisis, unsure of what sovereignty means, and who we actually are as Americans. The 20th century policies of Big government unable to be reconciled with the Constitutional principles of small government.

Revolutions are rarely ever purely political- the political revolution is normally a by-product of a deeper cultural, philosophic, technological and scientific revolution. The revolution that is just starting to emerge now is ironically oriented around Emergence Theory its self. Here we not only predict the flight of Minerva’s Owl, but we catch the bastard by his talon and tell him where to go.

Most of this starts with Hayek, a name that will be as famous as Einstein in the years to come. Hayek was primarily an economist, but his mind penetrated economics so deeply that it actually went beyond that organ and struck at the very heart of civilization. In short, Hayek pioneered Emergence Theory, but he called it “Connectionism” and “Self-Organization”. From his work we glean the following principle:

Emergence: the way complex systems (the Big) arise out of a multiplicity of relatively simple interactions amongst individual units (the Small).

This elegant principle will change everything.

Scientific: Gravity as an Emergent Phenomenon;

Economic: Economy as Emergent Phenomenon/Individualism and Economic Order

Social: This is the most obvious and is as much technological as it is “social”- the internet.

National: There is a movement that advocates Individual Sovereignty, and regardless of what the Republicans think, they most certainly do not have that market cornered. Politically, this advocacy is known as Libertarianism. But Libertarianism as a political movement is stubborn and narrow to the extent that it will never be more than a marginal influence on more mainstream, consensus public policy.

Each of these movements are in a fetal stage, but their birth as whole individual entities, and the larger systems that will emerge from them is unstoppable.

More later.


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